Your MOM is the Original CEO!

Your MOM is the Original CEO!

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Your MOM is the Original CEO! It’s Mother’s Day Weekend on Fox Chattanooga.

I was so honored to be invited back to Good Morning Chattanooga: FOX Edition!  On this May morning, we taped TWO segments.  This one is all about your awesome Mom and how to recognize her as the boss that she is on Mother’s Day (and every day)!

Top 5 Ways That Your MOM is the CEO of Your Life

  1. Moms wears many hats, perform many jobs, and hold many responsibilities!
  2. By day: She is a scientist, a nurse, a teacher, an MBA, a barista, an artist, an inventor, a caretaker, a doctor, a corporate professional, a lawyer, an accountant, a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a laborer, a front-line manager, or a stylist (and on and on)!
  3. 24/7: She is strong, capable, smart, lovable, sexy, intelligent, caring, magnetic, witty, serious, and talented.
  4. Moms are a combination of many attributes — she is multi-talented and multi-faceted, going from tough to tender in the wink of an eye.
  5. Moms are the center of the family, the hub of the wheel around which the others revolve and the glue which holds it all together.  We love and respect our mothers and grandmothers.

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