To inquire about scheduling and rates for professional services from Kathryn Brooks, MBA, She’s Her Own CEO®, or Kathryn Style Boutique®, please send an email to:


Presenter / Speaker

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Panelist
  • Small Group Speaker
  • Large Session Breakout Speaker


National / Regional TV Segment Expert

  • Professional / Corporate Career Success
  • Corporate-to-Entrepreneur Transition Success
  • College Student Success (In-School and Post-Graduation / First Job)
  • How to Celebrate Women of All Professions as a CEO


Interviewer and Event Host

  • Facebook Live
  • MC of Professional Conference Panel
  • Instagram Live
  • Live Events
  • Department Store Promotions



  • Professional Success
  • Professional Dress / Appearance Coaching
  • Brand Strategist
  • College Mentorship
  • Entrepreneur Mentorship


Brand Partnerships

  • She’s Her Own CEO®
  • Kathryn Style Boutique®


Book Signing Events

  • Fall 2018